jörg bräuer – Sculpteur du temps 

40 pages softcover catalogue, 2018

Catalogue of the exposition at “Les Martins” situated in the prestigious cognac region of France. The introduction is written by David Caméo, Director general du Museé des Arts Décoratifs Paris

Vlassak Verhulst Architecture

352 pages Monograph edited by Lannoo, 2016

A color and black /white photography journey through the most prestigious works created by the architecture office Vlassak Verhulst. This project was a A-Z project, photography, layout, logo and book finishings.

Anne Derasse Interior Architectur

180 pages large format Monograph
edited by Beta-Plus, 2014

I was given “carte blanche” from the editor to realize this monography for Anne Derasse.

Insular maior – the nature of things

Monograph with 59 photographs
by Rupa Publishing, 2010

This book is presenting the landscapes and characteristics of the Balear island of Mallorca – “Insular Maior” in its most essential and a minimalistic way. 

Teabags & Poetry

Hard cover monograph, New York, 1993

This is a still life photography book about poetry and tea, where a commonly used teabag becomes protagonist in different scenarios. Each of the pages combines 1 b/w plate and 19th century English poetry and an explanation of some aspect of tea.