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The Dissolution of Time 1 Fagraskógarfjall, Triptych, Ferrotypes
The Dissolution of Time 2 Snaefellsnes, Ferrotypes
The Dissolution of Time 6 Álftafjörður, Triptych, Ferrotypes
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The Dissolution of Time – Iceland

The Dissolution of Time – Mountains in Iceland is a series of collodion-prints in which he depicts landscapes of superior beauty. Beyond the image of weight and gravity of these mountains, the majestic peaks are like a composition of forms and shapes, a score of minimal constant changes in the rhythm of cold and warm, smooth and uneven surfaces, crevices, cracks, depths and elevations of solid and unsteady matter. Surrounded by a play of moving light, a constantly changing and endless horizon emerges. Tri-dimensional, Icelandic vulcanic mountains are moved by an incredibly strong and natural force. By immersing yourself in this visual and physical world, the immensity and proximity merge, an effect arises where the earth dissolves in a “timefulness”, as defined by acclaimed geologist Marcia Bjornerud as “an acute consciousness of how the world is made by – indeed made of, –time.”
Lise Coirier

Unique works in wet-plate collodion | œuvres uniques réalisées au collodion
Ferrotypes by contact print method
Artist metal frames | Cadres en metal brut
60 x 28 cm