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Stone Circle, Silent Infinity #1, Painting & Photograph


Infinity, Stone circle

The circle is an ancient symbol which, being formed by an unbroken line that has no beginning, no end, and no direction, frequently represents a unity that encompasses all space and Time.

Stone circles are usually grouped in terms of the shape and size of the stones, the span of their radius and their population within the local area. Although many theories have been advanced to explain their use, usually around providing a setting for ceremony or ritual, there is no consensus among archaeologists as to their intended function. Their construction often involved considerable communal effort, including specialist tasks such as planning, quarrying, transportation, laying the foundation trenches, and final construction.

Ancient stone circles appear throughout Northwestern Europe and have been commonly found across Northern Europe and Great Britain, and typically date from late Neolithic Age and Early Bronze Age.

A stone circle is circular alignment of stones, a boundless space that represents limitless Time in Eternity.

Serie of paintings over photographs © jörg bräuer
Size triptych 172 x 330 cm
Acrylic, oil, photography print, mixed media on canvas