jörg bräuer – Minerals – Time – Silence 

36 pages softcover catalogue, 2018

This catalogue is presenting the new works that will be shown in the upcoming exhibitions in France and Belgium; Works in photography on Collodion plates and large format paintings in acrylic and oil. 

Vlassak Verhulst Architecture

352 pages Monograph edited by Lannoo, 2016

A color and black /white photography journey through the most prestigious works created by the architecture office Vlassak Verhulst. This project was a A-Z project, photography, layout, logo and book finishings.

Anne Derasse Interior Architectur

180 pages large format Monograph
edited by Beta-Plus, 2014

I was given „carte blanche“ from the editor to realize this monography for Anne Derasse.

Insular maior – the nature of things

Monograph with 59 photographs
by Rupa Publishing, 2010

This book is presenting the landscapes and characteristics of the Balear island of Mallorca – „Insular Maior“ in its most essential and a minimalistic way. 

Teabags & Poetry

Hard cover monograph, New York, 1993

This is a still life photography book about poetry and tea, where a commonly used teabag becomes protagonist in different scenarios. Each of the pages combines 1 b/w plate and 19th century English poetry and an explanation of some aspect of tea.